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Hi, I'm Diarmuid. Welcome!

If you're struggling to move forward with your health and wellness, let me help you find the answers you desire. With my lifestyle coaching experience and evidence-based behavior change service, I will guide you in exploring where you are and understanding your way toward a healthier lifestyle.

By exploring your actions and views toward nutrition, exercise, sleep, and stress, I'll help you identify the blocks preventing you from realizing success. We'll build meaningful and practical strategies to integrate positive changes into your daily life and create a lasting lifestyle transformation.

The ultimate goal is to equip you with the knowledge, motivation, and skills to move forward confidently and consistently. With my support, you will make the necessary changes on a reasonable timeline and create the health, wellness, and fitness you've always wanted.



Jeremy Toler, MD

"I immediately felt at ease with Diarmuid. I never felt judged or chastised for my choices. Diarmuid never once discussed sketchy diet regimens or exercise theories. I have seen a noticeable change in my weight, having lost 50 pounds over the last year. I am in such a better position now after working with Diarmuid. Exercise is a permanent fixture in my life. I am more automatic with my calorie maintenance, and I see that food can be enjoyable and healthy simultaneously. I anticipate continuing to work with Diarmuid for as long as possible to evolve persistently."


It's easy to think that achieving your fitness and wellness goals is just a matter of signing up for a 30-day workout program, joining a new gym, ordering meal deliveries each week, using supplements your friend suggested, or trying the latest workout you saw online. 

However, ensuring your motivation leads to a lasting change in your eating, exercise, sleep, or stress habits to eat healthier each day, exercise regularly weekly, get seven to eight hours on most nights, and take stress in your stride takes patience, commitment, and skill. 

My goal as a lifestyle coach is to help you make meaningful, enduring changes to achieve the outcomes you've set for yourself. It's not complicated, but you need an approach that works to reap the rewards of a healthy, active lifestyle. The process can be intimidating, but I'll be by your side to guide you along the way.


Let's help you make changes that will last.

​Regarding your health and wellness, I've come to believe that knowledge isn't power. It's not that the more you know, the better. It's knowing what matters and coupling that with an approach that makes a difference in your behavior.

The "magic" is not in any miracle diet or life-changing workout routine; it's in developing your ability to make lasting changes in eating and exercise habits.
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