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Why is Weight Loss Not a Simple Math Problem?

Weight loss is often viewed as a simple math problem, with knowing your target calorie deficit being the key solution. However, this often leads to failure because weight loss is more than just about knowing how much to eat (and exercise). It's about changing your eating and exercise behaviors and adopting these changes into your lifestyle for good.

A calorie deficit occurs when the body uses more calories than it consumes, resulting in the body utilizing stored calories (body fat) to function, ultimately leading to weight loss. A calorie calculator can estimate how many calories one should consume daily to lose weight, but it does not guide how to achieve the goal -what actions must you take to meet the goal? Therefore, weight loss is not just a math problem but a behavior problem.

To lose and maintain weight, one must develop new eating and exercise behaviors. Knowing the calorie goal is crucial as it informs you what to aim for, but more is needed to change eating habits. Without an effective plan, one's lifestyle will remain the same.

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